Meet Amy & Bec - YEM Child

Hustling mama's Amy and Bec from YEM Child, a brand we added to our collection late last year, take us through their journey of small business and the thought process behind their label, which is beautifully made on the sunny Sunshine Coast.
Can you please introduce yourselves, who is in your family and where in Australia you live?
BEC: I’m Bec. I live at Coolum Beach, Queensland with my husband Aaron and 2yr old son Bodhi
AMY: I’m Amy and I live in Marcoola, Sunshine Coast with my Partner Mick, our daughter Charlie (2) and son Rocco (11months)
How did you come up with the name Yem Child?
BEC: I started an eco business in 2012 called ‘You, the Earth & Me’ we’ve always shortened it to YEM, and decided to continue the name for this label as the Earth is what you & me (and everyone) have in common.
How old is Yem Child?
BEC: We started the planning stages in early 2017
When did you initially think of starting your own label and how did you get started? 
BEC: I found it difficult to find Australia made, ethical & organic children’s labels to stock at You, the Earth & Me. Vege Threads were making some, very cute ethical kids clothes but when they stopping I thought maybe it’s something we need to do ourselves. Amy has a good eye for style and design so between us we thought we’d give it a crack.
AMY: Inspired by Charlie and Bodhi we wanted clothing that was a mixture of quality fabrics and Style! - YEM Child was born, 2017.
What were the main challenges you faced early on in getting started?
BEC: Being amateurs and learning on our feet!
How long was it before you launched?
BEC: We launched in December 2017 in You, the Earth & Me in Newtown, Sydney. So about a year from idea to product in shop.
What are the ethos behind your brand?
BEC: Children’s Apparel - as nature intended. Stylish, organic and made to play in then hand down.
Can you tell us a bit about how your pieces are made/where your pieces are made/what fabrics and dyes you use?
BEC: Currently everything is made here on the Sunshine Coast. We source our fabrics - cotton, hemp and linen, from various Australian sources. The organic cotton we use is milled here in Australia. The cotton unfortunately isn’t Australian grown. No one as far as I know is growing cotton organically in Australia which is so very disappointing.
We hand dye some of our range with plant based dyes. We have really only mastered using avocados seeds and turmeric at this stage so our hand dyed colour run is really small. We hope to achieve olive greens and some beautiful shades of rust soon. Watch this space!
How do you juggle family life alongside running your business?
BEC: It’s a challenge. We try not to put too much pressure on ourselves. Our kids and their needs come first. So we just accepted early on that YEM Child would put the ‘slow’ in slow fashion
AMY: Support from Mick and a lot of jobs scheduled around nap times!
What do you enjoy the most about running your own business?
BEC: Being able to offer ethical, natural, stylish and comfortable clothing for little people.
AMY: The flexibility!
And what do you find the most challenging?
BEC: How we grow now. How to get our range made in bigger numbers to be able to be stocked in more shops, without compromising our values.
Do you have any advice for anyone who might be thinking about starting their own brand?
BEC: Jump in feet first. Why not? Life’s to short for what if’s.

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