Meet Bridget - Little Fisher Co.

For our very first Meet The Makers entry, we chat with Bridget who is the beauty behind our very popular children's French Linen Top Knots! Fun fact, Bridget actually lives a 2 minute drive from our little business - you can't get much more local than that! X
Can you please introduce yourself, who is in your family and where in Australia you live?
My name is Bridget, my husband Matt and two sons Hendrix and Billy all live on the southern end of the sunny Gold Coast. 
How did you come up with the name Little Fisher Co.?
Fisher is my son Hendrix’s middle name, we actually wanted to name him Fisher but with my husbands love of fishing we decided against it! Little Fisher Co. just felt right. 
How old is Little Fisher Co.?
Little Fisher Co. is about to turn two! 
When did you initially think of starting your own label and how did you get started?
It all started when Hendrix, my first born was around 6 months old, I started out doing just the bandana bibs. I was using at least 6 a day with Hendrix when he was teething. My Mum made some bibs for Hendrix and I fell in love with the design and how well they worked, she has always been a sewer, we grew up with her making our clothes and even clothes for our dolls!
What were the main challenges you faced early on in getting started?
With this being my first business I had all the usual challenges along the way, there are so many little things in starting a business that you often don’t think about to begin with. One of the biggest challenges I faced was getting my teething rings tested and certified to comply with the Australian safety standards. That was a huge learning curve for me and a massive eye opener. And also the struggle of doing it all whilst very sleep deprived with a baby that didn’t like sleeping was a huge challenge! 
How long was it before you launched? 
I literally launched within a few weeks of deciding to start my own business. 
Where do you source your fabric from?
My fabric is sourced via a few different places, some locally and some overseas. I am very pedantic so before deciding on the fabric I had samples from every local and overseas linen fabric supplier I could find! 
Can you tell us a bit about where your pieces are made?
All of my pieces are made right here in Australia, I’ve been lucky enough to find an amazing manufacturer who hold all the same brand values as me. They have a big focus on slow ethical fashion which is a big tick for me!
How do you manage to juggle family life alongside running your business?
This is something I am constantly working on, I still haven’t quite found that balance and find it very hard to switch off. I am so aware of how quickly these precious years go with little ones so am really trying hard to streamline certain areas of my business this year. I’m really trying to make sure I’m not on my phone every spare 5mins I have, quickly sending an email or doing an Instagram post!
What do you enjoy the most about running your own business?
The freedom it gives me with our little family, I honestly feel so lucky that I am home every single day with our boys. We start most mornings with all four of us in bed with a cuddle then venture down to one of our favourite beaches before starting our day. 
And what do you find the most challenging? 
Working with two little ones at my feet! Often I’m packing orders with a “helper” at the table or working on my laptop with someone sitting on my lap! And I feel like baby brain is still in full force - maybe it is true and it doesn’t ever go away! 
Do you have any advice for anyone who might be thinking about starting their own brand?
Really do your research at the beginning and know who your target market is. Find out if there are any legal requirements or mandatory standards you need to comply with. Follow your heart and at the end of the day just enjoy it and have fun! 

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