Meet Hannah - Bam Loves Boo

We are super excited to share this one! Famous for their perfect blend of Organic Bamboo and Organic Certified Cotton, Bam Loves Boo is a staple brand for us, and one we feel VERY proud to have in our collection. Mama Hannah is the creative behind this gorgeous brand and with over 10 years in the fashion industry and children's wear design, it is clear to see why her gorgeous sustainable brand is so successful.

Can you please introduce yourself, whose in your family and where in Australia you live?

I’m Hannah we are a little family of 3 with my husband Mike and daughter Harlow living in Brisbane.

How old is Bam Loves Boo?

We just have our first birthday in November

How did you come up with the name Bam Loves Boo?

Actually my sister and I we were all brainstorming some ideas and throwing out some funny names out there that related to Bamboo, it was one of the very first ones I said and after that was hard to beat!

When did you initially think of starting your own label and how did you get started?

My Career was in children's wear design and always been in the fashion design industry, so when I went on maternity leave I wanted to stay creative until I was to go back to work. I didn't actually get started until till my daughter was 8 months. It was when sister came to visit that it really started, until then it had just all been in my head but then it was once I started saying it out loud and had someone to bounce off and pose questions it started to put the wheels in motion.

What were the main challenges you faced early on in getting started?

Definitely the Ethical and Eco-friendly side was most challenging and still is really. Sadly its not an easy area to navigate, its cheaper and easier not to be environmentally conscious so felt like I was really having to go against the grain in all areas to tick all the boxes I was after. It was very challenging to ensure my ethical standards and needs where meet and also to ensure these claims were baked with certifications was another challenge in itself.

Where do you find your inspiration for your designs?

I decided early on that my formula would be one colour repeat patterns as well as each one being unisex and timeless…Although it can be limiting this I find having a formula really helps to keep me focus and make it cohesive.

I also have a huge library of my prints I will spend months on the prints changing my mind and adding new ones, to finally settle on a range that works cohesively together.

How long was it before you launched?

It was actually 11 months from when I registered my business name to when my website launched. I am all about “Slow fashion” and for me it certainly is a slow process. Because my fabrics are knitted especially for us, then dyed to our unique colours there is a lot of time spent in this area before they are even able to be sampled and then made. Then we have a small team make them in a sample room for us not on a large production line so our manufacturing times also are much longer than most conventional factory set ups. 

We understand there was a significant thought process behind the fabric mix you use for your garments, can you tell us a bit about that?

I always wanted to use bamboo it has so many magical properties and just made for babies delicate skin. My aim was to create a blend that was as kind on the environment as it is on the babies skin.

It’s so much more breathable than cotton even so fantastic for delicate newborn skin or eczema. It’s also helps keep bub cool when its hot but then magically helps to warm the body when its cold - Great for these summers or when temps drop in the night it really helps to regulate the temperature.

I then blend this with Organic Cotton to make it even softer. I think if anyone has worn bamboo they will understand how comfortable and lovely it feels and if you haven’t well you’ve been missing out haha.

Where is Bam Loves Boo made?

Bam Loves Boo is made in southern China with my fantastic manufacture that I have known for over ten years, visited and built an amazing friendship with. This year I will be going over to stay with her family and see our pieces made first hand – And she just told me she is pregnant so now even more excited to go and meet her own mini muse.

What does slow fashion mean to you?

This is a big one for me and one I feel very strongly about. Unfortunately in my past career I have worked for some very fast fashion brands over the last 10 years. Having witnessed first hand the impact of this and been exposed to some undesirable factory and working conditions to meet these demands I felt I needed to step as far away from this as possible and slow it right down.

Slow fashion for me is a movement that doesn’t conform to industry expectations of four face paced seasonal collections a year or the need to constantly mass produce then mass discount just to make room for the next. Instead I try to go against this grain by releasing one main range each year that is designed to be timeless and seasonless and then only when stock dwindles I will top up this main range with pieces that compliment this and sit alongside it rather than replace it. My last collection is called Earthside because my pieces take 9 months of design and development, therefore I already have all my future pieces here at home ready and waiting for when I may need to drop some more in. 

How do you juggle family life alongside running your business?

Most of Bam Loves Boo fits around Harlow's naps or sleeping, Im also very lucky my Husband is a great support as a shift worker that can allow me some more Biz hours if I need too.

What do you enjoy the most about running your own business?

Freedom to work from home around my daughter and the friendships I made this past year through Instagram, its a pretty great community to be a part of.

Do you have any advice for anyone who might be thinking about starting their own brand?

Don't wait till its 100% perfect, make a start and you can work it out as you go, it will naturally evolve into its own.

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