Technically Mitch is a charming, charismatic little fella with an endless supply  of energy.

Of course, while he is extremely cute, his little 18 month old brain hadn’t quite got the hang of computers, well not yet. So perhaps it might be nice to meet the mum behind the little namesake.

CASSMitch’s mum Cass is the brainchild behind the Mitch’n’Moo concept. Cass has been trialing and using all types of Modern Cloth Nappies. She’s a goldmine of information about modern cloth nappies, the different styles, usage and care.  Cass has dreamed of putting together this business since before her son was born. Circumstances in early 2012 provided the necessary drive to get things off the ground. Since Mitch’n’Moo began in 2012 Cass has added to her family with Alex who has been cloth from birth and added an whole new level to cloth nappy use. 

Cass is a foundation member of the Australian Nappy Association and works closely with leading industry partners to help promote and educate better cloth usage.

Cass hopes she can work together with other Australian parents to share the idea of Modern Cloth Nappies, dispel some anxieties and encourage their use to help do what we can for the environment.