Dainty Peach Flutter Romper

Dainty Peach Flutter Romper

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The dainty peach is a new colourway from the original "Dainty Pea".

I personally fell so in love with this design and could not resist to recreate another gorgeous flutter sleeve romper. 

The dainty peach is inspired by picnics and crisp, juicy peaches.

The dainty peach features:

- Soft flutter sleeves for elegance

- Snaps at the crutch for nappy change

- Made from light cotton viole which is a beautiful thin cotton fabric that does not stick or hold moisture, this is perfect for hot sunny days.

- A versitle design that can be layerd and worn in the cooler months

Size guide: 

The dainty peach is true to size and if your wildling has extra squishy chub we recommend sizing up :)

The dainty peach is garment to be treasured and adored.